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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013 guys! Hope you all had an amaaazing NYE!
Today I want to show you a few random photos. Last month I got a lot of new cosmetics , make up products and other cool stuff to test. I have finally decided to take some pictures and recommend you my favourite ones.

I get YSL products to test quite often ( thank you Ykone ! ). I'm a big fan of YSL cosmetics, especially black Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils and YSL Touche Eclat foundation. I don't really put foundation all over my face, maybe sometimes for special occasions. But I often use it to neutralize my under-eye darkness. It works way better than any corrector!

An other thing worth recommending is my new  Bourjois pink lipstick. As you know I dyed my hair lilac, so I had to change my lipsticks from warm orange to cold pink. And this one suits me just perfectly.
And some other accesorries:
- COS white purse, stolen from my sister. She loves all scandinavian design pieces from architecture, interiors, to clothes and other little things. It's great to keep my (dear) Iphone safe in this little white beauty.
- STORM London watch, because one never has enough golden watches. It's so classy, that it makes every outfit complete
- Urban Outfitters little notebook. I prefer to write my daily schedule in a normal notebook rather than on my Iphone. As you all know, the Iphone battery is so so bad and it's better to have a paper back up for when it dies. Plus it's nice to use a pen from time to time, like in the school  No no, just kidding, I don't want to go back to school
- Chanel Chance and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfumes which I got from my mum on Christmas. These perfumes will be 'mine' till the end of my live. They make me feel like a chic woman. Love them both.
- Shiseido make up. I got a big box with Shiseido products some time ago. My favourite one is the smoky eyes eye shadow.
- Regal Rose knuckle rings

My absolute number one are the Phenome cosmetics which I got to test some time ago. No words can describe how beautifully they smell. Not to mention their design. My favourite is the body butter - it makes your skin baby soft. The Rebalance Shampoo makes my hair looks healthy and shiny, even after bleaching and diying it a few times recently, first into white blond, then lilac, then ginger ( 'a little' accident during my last visit in hairdressers which I want to forget) and then finally light blue (haven't shown you yet! ). And of course body scrub, which I use everytime I take a bath. Now almost everyday, because in my new flat I have a bath, and not a shower (Yay!).

Amazing Cara on the cover of the newst i-D issue. I'm going to read it today before going to bed. Can't wait haha!  And my new heels from COS. I've bought them a few days ago in size 36. And after puting two thick insoles inside I can slowly walk in them (I have very very small feet, size 35 usually). I'm still waiting for some bigger brands start to making shoes in 35. I don't want to buy shoes in kids section  Pleaseeee!

And finally an A-MA-ZING view of London from the window in my new flat. I'm a lucky girl, huh! It's really nice to wake up every morning and see the beautiful sun above all the big buildings. Then drink tea or coffee for breakfast:)

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