Easton Regal, London

Thursday, August 22, 2013

( Acne tank top, Zara skirt  )

Many of you have been asking me about my hair.  During the last few months I had a few different shades of blonde and I bleached it three times. After six months of having white blonde hair colour I decided to come back to my natural hair colour which is also blonde, but darker. The problem is always with the roots ( I'm sure you girls know what I mean  ) . They are really noticible. Two weeks ago I visited Easton Regal hair salon. The same one, where I did lilac blonde hair last year to add some dark highlights. I really love the effect. Now the colour is more natural and the roots are not visible. If you live in London or just visit, go and check Easton Regal, the best hair salon in town!

Easton Regal Hairdressing
84 Clerkenwell Road
EC1M 5RF London

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