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Monday, July 1, 2013

I saw this beautiful banana-leaf print shirt a few weeks ago on somebody's Instagram. Since then I was properly determined to find out where it was from and prepared to fight to get it. It turned out that it was of a London based brand called Poplin which made... exclusive pyjamas. But parading around in a night wear garment is not that much of a big deal. I had the pleasure then to meet beautiful Lucy, the brand's head designer. We grabbed a nice cup of tea and looked over the pieces for the upcoming season which are all really gorgeous. And you can judge the results yourself:) after all not many people (actually noone) has realized yet it's a pyjama top.

Besides that, I've got sad news. As you probably know Google Reader is shutting down. Therefore all of you following me on GR please remember to move to bloglovin' HERE :)

ph. by Adam Kaniowski, edit. by Belletette

(wearing POPLIN pyjama shirt, old shorts and belt, Alexander Wang Pelikan bag (buy it here or here) , Zara heels, Tommy Hilfiger watch  )

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