Chinatown & my new lilac hair

Monday, December 3, 2012

The majority of my recent purchases are basic things. Buying just a basic t-shirt seems to be easy, but in fact it's so hard. Good fabric is crucial. A week ago I found the perfect grey tee made of a thick, rib cotton. That's why I couldn't resist taking off the coat during the photoshoot and show you its cool shape and wide short sleeves. I'm sure that the first thing you can see on the pictures is my new lilac hair color. I haven't expected such a result during my last visit at hairdresser (it was supposed to be cold, greyish blonde). I was shocked at first but the day after I loved it. Changes are good for your mental health, I think. If you have any tips how to keep this color for longer, let me know. Thanks!

I also have to mention that my new Muubaa coat is the warmest and softest outerwear I've ever had. I have been wearing it everyday recently and it just can't be replaced by any other coat or jacket. I really love my new Muubaa coat.

ph. by Adam Kaniowski, edited by Belletette

( Muubaa shearling coat, Top Shop Boutique grey tee, H&M Trend pants, Alexander Wang bag, Wildfox platform sandals, Zara necklace)

MUSIC: Niki and The Dove - Love to the test

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